Rep Sam Graves On House Passage of Farm Bill

Representative Sam Graves, the representative for the northern part of Missouri in the nation’s capital and sixth generation family farmer, praised the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill through the House of Representatives.  In a statement released to the press, Graves says:

“Agriculture is the backbone of North Missouri’s economy. As a sixth-generation family farmer, I cannot stress enough the importance of today’s passage.  The 2018 Farm Bill maintains and strengthens the farm safety net to provide certainty to producers, and brings stability back to our agricultural community, giving them what they need to continue to put food on America’s tables.”

“With a five-year bill, we are ensuring that North Missouri farmers, ranchers and agriculture producers have the ability to make long-term plans. A stable and affordable food supply is essential to the health of our people, the health of our communities, and the health of our economy.”

The senate is expected to take up the 2018 Farm Bill before the July 4th Break.

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