Livingston Co Sheriff’s Department Investigations & Arrests

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department reported several incidents in the past week or so.

On the 13th, theft a radio from a UTV was reported in Ludlow.

On the 20th, theft of a fire arm was investigated at a home on LIV 244.  The stolen gun is and AK-47 with a wooden stock.

Also on the 20th, deputies had a vehicle parked along US 36, near LIV 330, towed as it was a traffic hazard.

Sheriff Steve Cox says they arrested four of the county’s most wanted and added five to the list.

Those arrested include: Donald Lee Graybeal of Laredo, Michelle Marie Flemings of Independence, Jeffery Gordon Davenport of Chillicothe and James T Moss of Chillicothe.

Those added to the Most Wanted list include:  Nathaniel B Novotny of Chillicothe, Michael King of Cameron, James B Harris of Utica, Marlon B Gilbert of St Joseph and Billy R Williams of Chillicothe.

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