Fr William “Bill” Bellais Day – July 8th

Ann & Fr Bill Bellais

A Chillicothe man who serve his country, served his community and served his church will soon head to Washington DC to be near family.  Father William “Bill” Bellias says they found a “home” here and he served the Chillicothe community for 26 years, including the longest serving Rector, serving 17 years at Grace Episcopal Church.

He has also served on the boards for Hope Haven and the YMCA and taught religion at the Y.

He has authored five books and some of them are available at the Livingston County Library.

Fr Bellais served many years in the military, serving in both the Marines and in the Army.  Part of that service was in the intelligence field, including in investigations.

Grace Episcopal Church will host a public farewell reception for Fr Bill and his wife Ann, July 8th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  Chillicothe Mayor Reed Dupy has also declared July 8th as “Father William F. Bellais Day”.

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