Fireworks Safety Stressed By Hedrick Medical Center

Fireworks Safety cannot be stressed enough as we celebrate our nations independence.  As families and friends gather, and fireworks are a part of that celebration for many.  One place you don’t want to be gathering is at the Emergency Room or the hospital.  Dr Greg Miller from Hedrick Medical Center says most fireworks injuries are preventable.

Fireworks are meant to be used by adults and when children are around or using them they should have close supervision, even with sparklers

Millers says some of the bad injuries that have been seen over the years include from presumed duds.

If a firework does not go off as you expect, leave it alone for a while and then douse it with water for at least several minutes.

If you are injured by fireworks, don’t delay, seek medical attention right away.  Left untreated, you could have unseen injuries resulting in infections or severe scars.

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