Chillicothe Police Have Busy 4th

The Chillicothe Police Department responded to 107 calls for service on Wednesday.

7:12 am, Officers and Emergency Services responded to a reported dog bite in the 200 block of Liberia St.  Carol Barlow was bitten on her leg by a neighbor dog belonging to Corey Gibson.  Gibson was cited for dog at large, no city license and no proof of vaccination. Barlow was treated at Hedrick Medical Center for the bite.

1:31 pm, Officer removed road debris from the area of Third and Walnut St.

3:22 pm, Officers responded to the area of Shafer Park and Linn St. in reference to a missing juvenile. It was determined that the juvenile had only gone for a walk and returned.

7:10 pm, Officers and Fire Dept. responded to a grease fire in the rear of a residence in the 900 block of Cherry. The fire had been contained upon officers’ arrival.

7:23 pm, Officer assisted a motorist with a flat tire on Eastbound 36 Hwy, approx. 2 miles east of Chillicothe.

8:41, Business owner reported a parking complaint. The owner was advised, they could have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense.

Officers responded to numerous calls about fireworks. The report states, most part it appeared the fireworks were discharged were legal.   There was one call of fireworks igniting a grass fire in the Christison Addition.  The fire was put out by residents before arrival of Officers or Fire Dept.

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