Livingston County Sheriff’s Investigations

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department handles several investigations and forwarded reports to the prosecuting attorney for consideration of charges.

A somewhat lengthy investigation of an incident in May in Wheeling.  The report states a man was angry and displayed a handgun in the presence of others and threatened one or more people.

June 20 the deputies began helping a Utica resident on the use of a lost or stolen debit card that had been used multiple times in Ray County.

June 27 an investigation or trespassing and property damage was investigated in the 5000 block of Liv 512. The suspect was on the property and the person in control of the property was uncertain about prosecution at that time. Suspect left the property.

June 27 Zaki assisted in the 400 block of Clay Street on a warrant service and drug investigation. Zaki gave positive indication on a vehicle and this resulted in the seizure of suspected methamphetamine, resulting in the arrest of Cara Ann Hagler of Chillicothe for alleged Possession of Controlled Substance. She was released to Trenton PD on a Trenton Municipal warrant.

A drug investigation that began on May 28 is complete. The Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Lab identified evidence as containing methamphetamine and marijuana.

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