Fire Fighters Respond To Two Calls For Electrical Problems

Chillicothe Fire Fighters responded to two reports of problems with electrical appliances Thursday

Just before 1:00 pm, Fire fighters were called to 456 Vine Street on a report of smoke in a home.  They arrived and were told the washer was smoking.  The fire crew found the washer was turned off, but when turned on, it began to smoke.  They unplugged the washer and instructed the resident to contact a repair person.  They were on the scene for about 10 minutes.

At about 12:35 pm, fire crews were called to a business at 612 Washington Street for a possible electrical fire in a refrigerator.  They arrived to find an electrical breaker was tripped and employees said there were sparks coming from under the fridge.  The fire crew unplugged the refrigerator and advised the owner to call for repairs or replacement.  They were on the scene for about 10 minutes.

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