North Missouri In Severe Drought

Nearly all of the KCHI listening area in in a severe drought.  Rainfall for the area is about half of what it should be for the past six months and that is having an effect on the crops.  The USDA says for the area, the Topsoil moisture was rated as 52% short or very short. Subsoil moisture was rated as 53% short or very short. The have also stated, As of July 1st, soybean condition was rated as 15% poor or very poor. Corn was rated as 14% poor to very poor. Hay and other forage was rated as 74% short or very short and stock water supplies were 16% short or very short. Pasture conditions were rated as 35% poor or very poor.

Jeanette Straker from the Livingston County FSA office says the drought is having an effect on local producers.

The USDA also expanded the drought area for hay and cattle to include north Missouri.  Straker says that opens up CRP land.

Straker says you must apply at your local FSA Office and if you do not comply with the restrictions you could loose some or all of the CRP benefits for that land.

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