Chappell Recommends “Home Rule Charter”

When the population grows beyond the 10,000 mark, as it probably will in the 2020 census, the city of Chillicothe will change their form of government.  City Administrator Darin Chappell says we could become a 4th Class City or be under the next level of Special charters, and in either case we would have 8 elected aldermen to serve the community and there would be a half million dollars of work required to renovate city hall to accommodate the change.  Chappell says an alternative is what he’s call “A Home Rule Charter.”

Chappell says there are definite advantages to the Home Rule Charter.

He says if Chillicothe wants to go to the Home Rule Charter, there will be two votes of the people needed to approve the change.  The first is to get approval to change the charter.

If approved, a committee will work to create the new charter using a template and making changes to, as Chappell says, “Chillicotheize” it.  When that is complete, a second vote would be taken to adopt the new charter.  He says ideally this should be done before the 2020 census is official and we are forced to make changes.

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