MoDOT Relents On Flashers For Fire Department Sign

Current Sign Blends In

Missouri Department of Transportation officials met with representatives from the City of Chillicothe and Livingston County to address an issue of safety Tuesday afternoon.  The City has been asking for flashers on a sign indicating that a fire station is nearby, but MoDOT had been telling them it was not allowed.  The City asked MoDOT to come look at the location and the assess the difficulty in seeing the fire trucks entering the highway on Second Street.  City Administrator Darin Chappell says this is a matter of both public safety and safety for the fire and ambulance crews.  Chappell says there is a sign in place, but that it’s not enough.

MoDOT District Engineer Chris Redline told the city officials that the request did not meet Federal Guidelines, and therefore the request was not allowed.  Chief Wright then asked that they physically look at the area and the sight line concerns, which seems to have changed Redline’s mind.

The city will now work putting the sign in place, with flashers that can be activated from the station.

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