MR340 – One Local Team Out After Mishap

One of two local teams participating in the MR 340, a race from Kansas City to St Charles, was eliminated due to a mishap on the river.  The race stated Tuesday, with watercraft that includes single and tandem kayaks, canoes, pedal powered craft and dragon boats.  One of the local teams, Matt squared – Matt Porter and Matthew Stephenson are out of the race after a mishap early Wednesday morning.

According to an independent report, the boat was hit by a barge wake and overturned at about 12:30 am near Glasgow.  The boat sank and the guys had to swim about a mile before other paddlers and safety crews pulled them and their belongings from the river.  The report states the guys are ok.  They were about 2 and a half hours ahead of their planned schedule when the incident occurred.

The other team (The Accountant and I) is Beth and Daryl Weidner in a Mixed Tandem Kayak.  Before noon, they had passed Booneville and were 10th in their division, 110th overall.  The Weidner’s are team #8484.  You can track their progress here.


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