Missouri River 340 – Local Couple Finishes 10th in their Class

In this race from Kansas City to St. Charles, the only path you can take is the Missouri River.  The MR340 is a test of endurance, mental as much as physical.  A couple from Tina completed that race in just under 58 hours.  The team, “The Accountant & I”, of Beth and Daryl Weidner entered the river in Kansas City participating in the Mixed Tandem Class and finished in 57 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. They came in 10th in their class and 119th overall.  Beth Weidner says the main goal for her and many others is to finish.

Weidner says training is important when preparing for the race, and while they didn’t get as much river time as they would like this year, there was other training.

She says this race is as much a mental endurance struggle as it is physical and often more so.

Weidner says there are more hazards on the river than you would think.

When asked if they will do it again, she says if she had to register now it doesn’t seem possible, but when registration opens in January, she’ll probably get the itch to go again.

Weidner says the MR340 is sponsored by Missouri American Waters and River Relief, both dedicated to the Missouri River which provides drinking water for about 40% of Missouri in addition to transportation and recreation. All proceeds from the race go to River Relief for clean up efforts.

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