Council Retains Authority To Hire and Fire

Darin Chappell

The Chillicothe City Council has the final decision with regard to hiring and firing for the City of Chillicothe and that will not change.  The Chillicothe City Council was presented with an ordinance Monday night that would change the duties of the City Administrator to include the decision on employing and terminating employment, with the exception of department heads.  The ordinance was presented by Councilman-At-Large Tom Ashbrook, who said he felt the City Council’s involvement could be considered micromanaging.

Chappell told the Council He was fine with any decision the council makes on this issue.

Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham told the council he received several calls about the issue and they were not supportive of a change.

In the end, the council chose to leave the hiring and firing practice as it is, and they have asked that an ordinance be prepared that would give the city Administrator the ability to place someone on administrative leave until the council can meet to make the final decision on employment.

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