Uncommon Birds Spotted At Refuge

Photo by Paul Mckenzie of Columbia

It’s a bird common to parts of Florida and Georgia, but was recently seen at Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge.  The Wood Stork has made an appearance at the refuge only a couple times, as recorded by members of the Grand River Audubon.  The first recorded sighting was in July of 2012 by Steve Kinder.  The latest sighting was this past Sunday, by Ron Conner, a volunteer at the refuge.

In an article written by Myrna Carlton of Chillicothe – a member of the Grand River Audubon, Conner says the Wood Storks were still there, actually feeding in the same area they had a few days earlier.  Carlton noted, apparently this is the time of year when unusual birds may make an appearance in our area, as young leave the nest and strike out on their own and sometimes end up in strange places.

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