Chillicothe School Board To Set Tax Rate and Review Board Policy Changes

The Chillicothe R-II School Board will consider a slight increase in the tax rate from last year.  The board meets Tuesday at 6:15 pm for the tax rate hearing at the District office.

The proposed rate is $4.7160 per $100 valuation.  That rate includes $3.6300 for the general fund, .9660 for debt service and .1200 for capital improvement.  The taxes paid to the school district on a $100,000 home would be $896.04, an increase of $4.18 from last year.


The regular School Board meeting begins at 6:30 pm.  That agenda begins with the welcoming of the new teachers, introduced by the respective principals

The board will consider the approval of the tax rate for the district.

The board will consider a resolution to approve the lease purchase agreement for the financing of the middle school project this summer.

The board will also review 13 new or revised board policies as provided by the Missouri School Board Association.

An executive session is planned to follow the regular meeting of the School Board on Tuesday.


  • Isn’t the school tax much to high. Shouldn’t the public vote on these issues?

    • Voters did vote when they set the maximum tax levee. They also have an opportunity to voice their opinion during the Tax Rate Hearing. That hearing is Tuesday at 6:15 pm at the district office.

      Please remember, that rate went DOWN .0114 last year, and I’m sure there were no complaints when that happened.

      • When did the vote to raise the maximum tax levee happen? last I remember was $.37 in April of 2016. I thought they are only authorized to set an operating tax rate of $2.75?

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