Time Capsule Found In AME Cornerstone

A glimpse into the past was provided to the Grand River Historical Museum as preparations to move the AME Church continue, revealed some surprises.  The contractors were preparing to move the corner stone to the new foundation near the museum, and found it contained a time capsule.  Pam Klingerman, Curator at the museum says the capsule was made of tin and showed signs of deterioration, but the contents were somewhat intact.

Klingerman says there were also a couple items specific to the renovation that cost of $14,000 in 1924.

To put the cost of the 1924 renovation into perspective, adjusting for inflation into today’s dollars, the renovation would have cost $199,500.  The shortage of $600 would have been $8,550 in today’s money.


  • That’s pretty neat! Those church members would be amazed at how society has changed over the years and I think proud to know their building still stands. It would be neat if they had included a members list to see how many families are still in the area and the roots of their faith.

  • they should have left the church where it was still could have been a big part of history

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