A Prisoner At The Chillicothe Women’s Prison Died Friday

A woman incarcerated at the Chillicothe Correction Center died Friday.  At about 11:30 am Friday, 44 year old Sandra Plunkett died at Hedrick Medical Center.  Plunkett was serving a life sentence on a Callaway County conviction for First Degree Murder in 2014.  An autopsy will be performed.


  • Before people start freaking out…this was self inflicted. Not that any other prisoner nor staff was involved in other than trying to save her life.

  • People die every day. I get sick of seeing headlines about people dying while in prison. Like its some kind of breaking news.
    People in prison have strokes, heartattacks, get cancer, kill themselves, over dose, or get killed by another offender. All of those things happen in the rest of the world. Stop acting like when someone dies in prison its a big scandal.

    • Unless it’s your family. Your brother. Your sister. Your cousin.

      • If one of my relatives died in prison of a natural death it would be no different. My best friend, father, and first husband have all passed away from an untimely death, guess what, none of them made headlines.

  • how dare any of you she’s a human being that had rights to any of you would ever met her she was the sweetest caring was wonderful person to be around and yeah she did something wrong but she did it out of self-defense to protect herself and she got screwed by the system because her husband was a cop I knew this woman personally she was one of my best friends and for you to sit there and talk like her death is nothing shame on you

    • If this comment is directed at me, then you obviously didnt read my post. I did not ever say anything about this person. What I did say is that it makes no sense why the public makes a huge ordeal, when someone in prison passes away. I worked in a prison for many years. I know first hand that there are many great people that are incarcerated. The fact that someone is in prison does not automatically mean they are a bad person. The justice system is extremely corrupt and unjust. There are a lot of people who don’t deserve to be there and it is a travesty.

    KCHI posts the notice of death at the area prisons when they are provided by the Department of Corrections. We do this as much to stop any rumors that could start and to give the facts that are presented.

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