Flood Warnings For Grand River at Chillicothe and Sumner

Flood Warnings are issued for the Grand River at Chillicothe and Sumner, with flooding expected to continue at least into Wednesday.

River levels on the Grand River came up quickly overnight and there is flooding at Chillicothe and Sumner.  The flooding is the result of the snow melt over the weekend.

At Chillicothe, the river was at just under 11 feet at 5:00 pm Sunday and overnight rose to 25.3 feet, with a crest of 26.2 feet expected today.  Flood stage at Chillicothe is 24 feet and the river should fall back below flood stage later today.

At Sumner, the river was expected to rise above flood state of 26 feet at mid-morning, but the river rose quickly overnight to 29.19 feet.  Flooding is expected to continue into Wednesday, with a crest of 31.5 feet expected.

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