Arrests & Investigations In Chillicothe Police Report

The Chillicothe Police Report includes several investigations and a few arrests.

10:45 am, Officers investigated a report of stolen outgoing mail taken from residential boxes.  Items that were taken have been found opened, and at different locations.  The investigation continues.

10:45 am, Officers responded to a report of a person selling drugs from a vehicle that was last seen on a residential street.  The description of the vehicle was obtained but Officers were unable to locate.

2:15 pm, Officers checked suspicious activity in the 800 block of Elm Street and found someone in possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.  The person was processed and released on citations.

3:10 pm, Officers responded to the 1300 block of Monroe Street for a domestic disturbance.  A man involved was found to be in violation of a valid protection order.  He was found at another location and arrested.

5:30 pm, Officers responded to a report of children running into traffic in the 1000 block of South Washington Street.  The children were found to be merely holding advertising signs, at the edge of the roadway.

7:30 pm, A traffic stop in the 400 block of South Washington Street for a registration violation included a check of the vehicle by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department K-9, Zaki, who alerted on the vehicle.  A search of the vehicle found alleged drug paraphernalia.  The person in the vehicle was arrested, cited and released.

11:25 pm, Officers responded to a home in the 700 block of Chicago Street for a dispute over property.  One of the parties involved was was found to be wanted on a Caldwell County warrant.  They were arrested, posted bond and were released.  .

Saturday morning,
12:50 am, someone involved in a prior disturbance came to the PD reporting she had been assaulted by the person that had been released on bond.  Following an investigation they found both parties had been involved in a joint Domestic Assault and both were taken into custody and held at the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.

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