CMS Track Triangular Meet Results

The Chillicothe Middle School Boys track and field team tied for first in Tuesday’s triangular meet. Chillicothe and Kirksville tied with 58.5 points with Marshall in 3rd.
For the Middle School Hornets:
1st place for the 4×100 relay team, 4×200 relay team, 4×400 relay team, Isaiah Sprong in the discus, and Alex Gamblian in the long jump.
2nd place for Bryce Dominique in the 100 hurdles, Cayleb Cothern in the 100, Jackson Reeter in the 600, Isaiah Spring in the 800 and High Jump and Sam Reeter in the triple jump.
3rd place for Alex Gamblian in the 400, Shane Murphy in the discus, Gavin Funk in the high jump, Carson Rhodes in the Shot Put and Porter Ficken in the long jump and triple jump.
4th place for Carson Rhodes in discus and Gavin Funk in the long jump.

For the Girls meet, Chillicothe Middle School girls won with 74 points Kirksville 2nd with 54 and Marshall with 17. For the Chillicothe Middle School Lady Hornets:
1st place for 4×200 relay , 4×100 relay, 4×400 relay, Belle Englert in the 400, Madison Albaugh in the 800, Hope Helton in the Discus, Trista Tipton in the Shot Put.
2nd place for Julianne Gabrielson in the 100 hurdles Bronlyn Ward in the 100 and 200 dashes, Aliya Briner in the 1600, Belle Englert in the long jump and triple jump and Maddie Ellis in the shot put
3rd place for Morgan Kincade in the 1600, Aliya Briner in the 800, Julianne Gabrielson in the 200 Kennison Potter in the high jump, Kayanna Cranmer in the long jump and triple jump.
4th place for Belle Englert in the 100, Merrick (no 1st name provided) in the 400, Ava Dennis in the discus, Cami Carpenter in the high jump, Bri Pithan in the long jump and Alivia Gerhard in the shot put.

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