Trenton Police Officer Shot

A Trenton Police Officer is hospitalized after being shot. According to reports, an unnamed Trenton Police Officer was shot in Winston in Daviess County.
Few details are being released at this time, but reports state the Friday afternoon shooting occurred while the officer was transporting a prisoner on Highway 69 to St Joseph.
An apparent struggle occurred inside the police vehicle over the officer’s handgun, and the officer was shot in the abdomen. Authorities say the prisoner was restrained at the time of the incident.
The injured officer was life-flighted to a hospital and the suspect, allegedly identified as 38 year old Jamey A. Griffin, suffered a wound to his hand.


  • I’d like to know and understand Why was officer alone News and a state trooper said inmate was going to St Joe hospital for mental review I’m all for women in any work force I’m sure shes very good at her job BUT should never have been alone

    • Very true. Too many people are allowed to carry out duties that are dangerous. If you have a co-worker that needs a ride along. RIDE-A-LONG!!!!!!!

  • What about the cage divisor?

  • They keep saying 69 hiway It was right in front of the convenience store gas station on west end of Winston as your leaving town Several people was coming home from work Road was block
    Could have been alot worse amount of traffic that time of day Could have been avoided if she’d had another officer with her Especially transporting someone for mental review That should have been red flag right there And didn’t police car have that cage thing between the seats How’d he get to her gun Guess its good thing they was in 35 mi speed limit I hope shes ok &no future problems for her

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