Tree Problem with Field School Repairs

Repairs to Chillicothe’s Field school will begin soon following the bid approval by the Chillicothe School Board.
Case Contracting’s bid was approved by School Board Members, despite the bid being $9,300 higher than the only other bid received.
Board members stated they felt Case Contracting had more experience in the foundation work than the only other bid, which was from an out of town company.
The biggest discussion during the process were the trees on the East and South side of the school. The project Engineering Firm recommended removal of the trees which are located close to the foundation.
The Engineer stated removing the trees was far less money than alternate fixes called “Pilings”.
The trees root system sucks the moisture out of the ground, which causes dry soil which is one of the causes of the foundation problem.
The board commented they would like to find a possible way to keep some if not all of the trees.
The project is expected to be done before the start of school.

One comment

  • All State Consultants engineering firm that was hired bye Chillicothe RII requested that the bid go to low bidder MS Contracting, LLC out of Brookfield for qualifications and ability to have job completed in a timely manor. I don’t know how it was assumed that another company was more qualified to do job.

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