Garland Nelson Court Papers Released

The Caldwell County Prosecutors released the probable cause statement that supports the charges of alleged first-degree murder against Garland Joseph Nelson in the deaths of Nick and Justin Diemel of Wisconsin, which were announced earlier today.

According to Fox 4 News Kansas City, the probable cause statement says the Diemel brothers had traveled to Missouri and were to meet with Nelson to collect $250,000 from the sale of cattle.

The document also indicates Nelson allegedly killed the brothers with a rifle on his farm near Braymer.  A neighbor reported hearing the shots that day.  Nelson then hid the bodies and later burned them before hiding the remains.

Investigators also found Nelson’s blood-stained clothing linked by DNA to Nicholas Diemel and a spent shell casing from the suspected weapon in that clothing.

Nelson allegedly admitted to having a firearm, which he was not allowed to have as a convicted felon.

The probable cause statement, which includes gruesome details, can be found HERE.

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