Disruptive Parent Removed From School Event

A disruptive parent was removed from an event at the Chillicothe Middle School Monday afternoon.  Chillicothe’s School Resource Officer was called to the Middle School Field House at about 3:00 pm for a disturbance at a school function.  The report states a parent seated in the crowd was cursing and using profanity about one of the athletes.   They were asked to leave but continued on with profanity-filled comments towards others seated in the field house, before leaving.

This parent was later located and issued a citation for disorderly conduct and has been prohibited from attending school functions until a total review can be completed by the school administration.



  • I believe that people who are using profanity among kids should be banned from all events until the following year. This way the good folks who enjoy these activities may really enjoy them without the foul mouthed person.

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