First Public Hearing On the 2020 Livingston County Budget Complete

The Livingston County Budget had it’s first review this week in a public hearing.  Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas says this year’s budget is up about 2.1 million dollars due to a USDA Levy project, where the county will have that money come into their accounts and they will send it back out, but they have to show it as part of the budget.

Douglas says expenditures will be near $8 million this year.  He says the county approved adding another employee in the Public Administrator’s office, a deputy was added for the Sheriff’s office, there was also a new vehicle for the sheriff’s department and other equipment purchases.  The county also switched to a partially self-insured health insurance program.

He says they did work to put money into the reserves.

A second public hearing will be held January 30th at 10:00 am in the commission room of the courthouse.

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