Chillicothe Mayor Theresa Kelly On City & COVID-19

Following the planned agenda for the Chillicothe City Council Monday night, Mayor Theresa Kelly made a few comments about the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis and how the city and community are handling the situation.

She says everyone is stepping up to serve our community and doing it with professionalism.

Kelly also recognized the combined effort of several organizations.



  • Yeah but there is still many people out running around and not complying with the stay at home order. With that said, what is the plans to keep people at home?

    • As far as i know! We dont have a stay at home order! We just have the social distancing and the carry outs and drive thru thing. Theres been no stay at home order.

      • Yes it is a stay at home order for the whole state of Ohio the governor of Ohio ordered a stay at home order for the whole state!!!!! That means all city’s in Ohio are on a stay at home order

    • I too agree and wanna know

  • Chillicothe has a stay at home order?
    That is new news!!!

  • Since when did Chillicothe have a stay at home order???

  • We have a stay at home order for all in ohio. The governor of Ohio order this. Stay home order including Chillicothe all of Ohio!!!!

  • I thought everyone had a stay at home order unless essential & job was not closed
    Watch the news
    Good Lord Help us all
    Why would schools be closed
    Common sense

  • Yes there is indeed… better check that out

  • Yes Ma’am! All of Ohio are ordered to “Shelter in Place” by governor DeWine. Watch the News

    • Mayor Theresa Kelly should know that we are under orders to “SHELTER IN PLACE” BETTER KNOWN AS “STAY AT HOME” and schools are closed til May 1 now. People out running around are not for anything but Essential things…. Groceries, Medicine, etc. only when you need those things.

    • The Chillicothe referred to in this story, is a town in Missouri 🙂

  • Did you not hear our President yesterday? Chillicothe should be on a Stay At Home order. If we do have one case and we do. There are more out there that don’t even know they have it. This Evil Virus is out there and we need to take it Seriously.

  • I belive wheather we do or dont this is no joke and nobody is immuned to it if we dont want to be like new york and all the places that they cant control anymore we should all stay at home unless we need meds or food i have lungs issues and more and i already know my destiny if i should get it .my point is there is one case and i know there is many more out there some that have it they arent even aware they have it if we stay at home and if we have a mask where it when out if you dont make one anything is better then nothing .God Bless you all.and i know first hand the teenagers and young adults are running with crowds and not even caring i personally hope they lock everyone down or we wont ever see the numbers going down it is so important we have not even peaked yet but its gonna be real bad when it does there will be so many cases and deaths .

  • To be tested in Chillicothe you say we must have a local doctor’s referral, my doctor is in Trenton, what if I’m ill and can’t drive there to get this referral. Also what about those without health insurance and can’t afford to go to a doctor, do you expect them to continue spreading this virus in our wonderful community? Others are not requiring any doctor’s referral. We need to feel protected in every aspect possible. Please drop this insane rule of needing this doctor’s referral, protect and test everyone that are having symptoms, please.

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