COVID-19 Update For Livingston County And The Area Counties

More than 340 people have been tested for COVID-19 through Hedrick Medical Center and Wright Memorial Hospital.  As of Monday Morning:

  • Hedrick Medical Center tested 214 individuals. That includes 157 from Livingston County and 57 from other counties.
  • Wright Memorial Hospital has tested 129 individuals. That includes 90 from Grundy County, 26 from Mercer County and 13 from other counties.

As of Monday afternoon, there have been two cases of confirmed COVID-19 in Livingston county and none in Grundy County.

In the surrounding counties, the numbers are:

Caldwell – 2

Carroll – 0

Chariton – 4

Daviess – 2

Linn – 5 with 1 death

Sullivan – 0

That means in our local counties, there have been 15 cases of COVID-19 and 1 death.

One comment

  • Would like to hear the positives like with Livingston county’s population of over 12,000, 11,998 do not have the Chinese Wuhan Flu.

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