Chillicothe R-II District Office Plans Ready To Go Out To Bid

The design for the new Chillicothe R-II School District Office is nearly complete.  The building would be located to the west of Jerry Litton Stadium, near the parking lot.  Superintendent Dan Wiebers says the project is ready to go out to bid.

Wiebers describes the building.

Once the contract is awarded, the construction is expected to begin in Mid July and should be complete in Mid December so the building can open before the end of the year.

Wiebers reminds everyone that the new District Office Building will be constructed using insurance money from the flooding of the old district building at the south of town.  The funds are not coming out of the district budget.

One comment

  • So future cost to maintain a 9750 sq ft building will not be coming out of the budget? This building seems excessive. Why are showers necessary for a superintendent’s office?

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