Chillicothe Voters Approved Sales Tax For Police Department

The voters in the City of Chillicothe approved the ¼ of 1 cent sales tax increase to support the Chillicothe Police Department.  City Administrator Darin Chappell says they are grateful to the voters.

Chappell says they will now look harder at how the new funds will be used.

He says as the nation’s manufacturing opens they will be looking at making the purchases needed by the department.




  • City council has zero control over sales tax distribution. Sales tax is controlled by the county commissioners . This is fake news.
    I live in Chillicothe (Ross County) this didn’t happen.

    • Please be aware, Chillicothe MISSOURI is located in Livingston County. The sales tax that was approved by the voters at Tuesday’s election is to service the Chillicothe MISSOURI Police Department.
      KCHI Radio is located in Chillicothe MISSOURI

    • How disappointing to see a post about “fake news” spreading false information. **Everyone** needs to learn how to be informed with accurate information (my fourth grade teacher taught us about garbage by disallowing The National Enquirer/etc. as resources for reports). It is also the duty of responsible people to not spread rumors & false information.

      Thx, Tom Tingerthal for professionally correcting the poster’s false information…KCHI’s version of a Twitter notification–leaving the false information for all to see the sort of ignorance that is out in the world, but providing undisputable fact.

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