Chillicothe Rotary Organizing July 4th fireworks

Chillicothe Rotary Club is the organizer of the Fireworks display in Chillicothe this year.  The City of Chillicothe has approved having the fireworks on July 4th.  Amy Supple with the Chillicothe Rotary Club talked about their involvement this year.

The fireworks will be high display style and the display will be for a shorter duration.

Freedom Festival was canceled this year in part due to COVID-19, so there is NO organized activity surrounding the viewing of the fireworks this year.

The public will be able to view the fireworks from a larger area and The Rotary club will work with the businesses in the area at the south of town to make them aware of the number of people that may be parking on their lots.


  • Debbie Robinson Ott

    Thank the Lord, at least people expecially the kids will have something to enjoy.

    Thank You Rotary Club

  • Thank you so much for organizing this activity! Such a refreshing change to staying home and focusing on a damn virus. Beats depression!

  • Can we get a better description of the location for those of us who are directionally challenged? The speaker on my laptop is very poor and I cant hear it well. Where will the location be?

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