Livingston Co. Sheriff’s Report

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Department report includes new most wanted charges and arrests and other incidents.

Incident Reports:

September 21st, deputies completed an incident report on a juvenile matter.  The juvenile is on probation and has allegedly been stealing items from people and locations.  Information was submitted to the juvenile office.

Deputies recently worked with a senior citizen who is a crime victim to scammers.  The victim was conned into believing they had won a sweepstakes and ended up sending over $2,000 to “claim the prize”.  Calls originated from Jamaica and an address in Florida was also provided that has been shared with authorities.

Most Wanted Updates:

September 21st, 38-year-old Franklin A. Holcomb of Gallatin surrendered to the Court on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Failure to Appear in Court on a charge of Non-Support, total arrears in excess of 12 monthly payments.  Holcomb was released on bond pending the next court date.

A second warrant for 32-year-old Zachary Ryan Kerns of Independence was added for an alleged Probation Violation on a charge of Non-Support, with bond set at $5,000.  Kerns already had an outstanding warrant for alleged 4 counts of Possession of Child Pornography.  He is allegedly hiding from law enforcement in the Kansas City area.

22-year-old Joseph Alan Vargas of Chillicothe was arrested for alleged Domestic Assault-3rd degree.  Bond was set at $2,500.  He was arrested in the area of Washington and Third Streets.

A second warrant was added on September 23rd, for 39-year-old Cheyenne Daniel Hershey, for alleged Failure to Appear in Court.  Hershey already had a warrant for Possession of Controlled Substance.

39-year-old Anthony David Munroe of Chillicothe was arrested on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Violation of Bond Conditions on a charge of alleged Failure to Appear in Court.  He was taken to the Daviess Dekalb Regional Jail.

Added 33-year-old Scott Alan Shannon of Chillicothe, who is wanted on a Livingston County warrant for alleged Failure to Obey a Judge’s Order on a charge of DWI-Persistent Offender.  Bond set at $10,000.

Other Arrests:

On September 21st, a deputy checked a parked vehicle on LIV 222 with Georgia license plates.  A woman was found sleeping in the vehicle.  The deputy arrested the homeless woman, 20-year-old Hailey Renee Braden on a Grundy County warrant for no license.  Braden was transferred to the custody of the Grundy County Sheriff in lieu of bond.

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