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June 6, 2019 – Chief Jon Maples outlines the community response to the flooding that closed many major roads in Chillicothe. He also discusses with Jon Ingram how the steady increase in calls for service is affecting the department.


May 23, 2019 – Detective Whitney Murdock of the Chillicothe Police Dept. talks about Crisis Intervention Training, which helps the officers to better handle situations involving people in psychological crises.



May 16, 2019 – Officer Jeff Allen of the Chillicothe Police Dept. talks to Jon Ingram about bicycle safety. They run down some of the Chillicothe-specific laws in regards to bicycles and offers other safety recommendations.


May 9, 2019 – Jon Ingram talks with Chief Jon Maples of the Chillicothe Police Dept. to get an update on how the department has been operating since they last spoke. He talks about the support from the city, new employees, and safety tips people need to remember as summer approaches.



May 2, 2019 – Officer Cody Dysart of the Chillicothe Police Dept. gives details on the pill drop box that is stationed inside the department. He encourages anyone with leftover medications to drop them off and talks about some safety tips to remember when doing so.



April 25, 2019 – Officer Johnson of the Chillicothe Police Dept. discusses with Jon Ingram the change in the types of crime that occurs in the springtime. They talk about what those crimes are and how people can protect themselves from falling victim to them.


April 18, 2019 – Officer Meagher of the Chillicothe Police Dept. talks to Jon Ingram about the increase in moped use in the springtime. They discuss how people can stay safe while riding on them and things to remember if driving around them.