Council Approves GaGa Ball Pit At Danner Park

A GaGa Ball pit will be installed at Danner Park, that’s GaGa Ball – G A  G A.  (check out the video below) The Chillicothe City Council approved the project presented by Ryan Panholzer as an Eagle Scout project.  Parks Director Josh Norris says the Gaga Ball Pit would be located near the volleyball courts.    The Gaga ball pit is an octagon shaped pit constructed of wood and is a couple feet tall.  Panholzer explained the game to the city council

The council asked many questions including what type of material will be inside the pit as a base.  Norris offered some suggestions including chat, which is used on the park trails.

There were also some concerns about the location and the closeness to the parking lot.  Norris says they will look at other possible locations before the project begins.

One comment

  • Having worked a camp where GA GA Ball is available and played you will find that there is a price to pay to have FUN. Eye injuries, Broken fingers being kicked in the head and other body areas. While it is entertaining for the most part it comes at a cost.

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