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Bad News & Good In This Week’s Drought Monitor

There is both good and bad news on the Drought monitor report released today by the USDA for the state of Missouri.  Most of the KCHI listening area remains in an Extreme Drought, but the monitor graph show parts of Western Caldwell County are now in an “Exceptional Drought” – that is not a complementary term.  The good news is that the eastern part of Livingston county was stepped back to a Severe Drought.  Jenette Straker from The FSA office in Livingston County says recent rainfall helped part of the area.

So what do those drought levels mean?

“Severe Drought:” means that “crop or pasture losses likely; water shortages common; and water restrictions imposed.”

“Extreme Drought:” is the second-highest level of drought, with “major crop/pasture losses” and “widespread water shortages or restrictions.”

“Exceptional Drought:” This is the most intense level of drought. This level involves “exceptional and widespread crop/pasture losses; shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells creating water emergencies.”

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