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Chillicothe R-II School Board Thank Donors for New School

Dr Margie VanDeven

The Chillicothe R-II School Board gave special thanks and recognition to the foundations and individuals that donated to the new Chillicothe Elementary School Project in a dinner Sunday.  The dinner was held at the new school and included special guest, former Missouri Commissioner of Education, Dr Margie VanDeven. VanDeven talked about the importance of community involvement in the education system.

In the project to construct the new Chillicothe Elementary School and Early Learning Center, the Chillicothe Education Foundation was among the first to step forward, with the donation of the land that will become the Chillicothe Education campus of the future for the District.  There was a need for a road to the new school and there was also an error in the cost estimate, resulting in a shortfall of nearly $2.7 million dollars.  The district worked on cost cutting and the foundations and organizations stepped up, providing the funds to keep the project moving forward.  Those thanked at Sunday’s dinner include: The Roger A Browning Foundation, Chillicothe Education Foundation, Chillicothe Municipal Utilities, City of Chillicothe, Minnie B Hedrick Trust, James A Lawson Trust, Mervin W Jenkins Foundation, Joe and Lenore Lambert Foundation, Jerry Litton Family Memorial Foundation, F.M & Gladys McCall Foundation, Paul & Betty Steele, John R Hutchinson and Dr Donald and Cynthia Metry.

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