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Special Duty For Livingston Co. Sheriff’s Department

Deputies of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department worked overtime on a special detail to target aggressive or careless driving, excessive speeding, drunk-drugged driving, and other hazardous moving violations on US 36, US 65 and on Highway 190.  The special detail took place August 21st.

In all the deputies made a total of 54 vehicle stops. Of that a total of 14 citations were issued, 1 arrest was made for Driving While Suspended/Revoked, and 58 warnings were given.

Sheriff Steve Cox says the vast majority of serious traffic offense violations they see on US 36 and US 65 are not from local residents but from other drivers passing through. He says this creates even more of a risk as these drivers have no clues where the intersections, driveways, and other busy points are in Livingston County.

Cox says the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office utilized Missouri Traffic Safety and DWI Overtime Grants to aid in protecting the local citizens and motorists.