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Lady Hornets Tennis Keeps Winning

The Trenton Lady Bulldogs are the latest victims of Chillicothe Tennis. The Lady Hornets picked up their fourth win of the season and their third straight shut out 9-0.
Singles Matches:

Gracy Reeter beat Jocelyn Gilham 9-8
Hunter Keithley beat Elizabeth Neal 8-1
Hannah Cypert beat Kendall Crowley 8-0
Macy Cavanah beat Latorrie Johnson 8-0
Hannah Zimmerman beat Lexi GOtt 8-3
Lucy Reeter beat Morgan Dolan 8-2
Doubles Matches:
Keithley/Cypert beat Gilham/Growley 8-3
Reeter/Reeter beat Neal/Johnson 9-7
Cavanah/ZImmerman beat Gott/Dolan 8-2

Chillicothe Junior Varsity won 3-2
May/Ischmael over Foster/Lovell 6-3
Sisson/McElwee ober Parrack/Soul 6-0
Lourenco/Sider over Jeannoutot/Overton 6-1
Keller/Crow lost to Gaunt/Catron 2-6
Anderson/Grable lost to Hall/Farris 2-6

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