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Livingston County Results for the November 6th Election

55.3% of Livingston County voters cast a ballot in the Mid-Term election Tuesday.  That is just a bit short of the prediction by County Clerk Sherry Parks of 60%.

The Livingston County Results in the contested races include, as they were on the Ballot:

US Senate
Republican Josh Hawley 67.9%
Democrat Claire McCaskill 27.4%

State Auditor
Republican Saundra McDowell 57.9%
Democrat Nicole Galloway 33.5%

US Representative 6th District
Republican Sam Graves 78.2%
Democrat Henry Robert Martin 18.4%

State Representative 7th District
Republican Rusty Black 81.4%
Democrat Dennis VanDyke 16.5%

Constitutional Amendments
#1  Reapportionment   49.6% yes  46.3% no

#2  Medical Marijuana  54.2% yes  43.7% no

#3  Medical Marijuana  28.2% yes  68.7% no

#4  Bingo                    42.2% yes  50.4% no

B  Minimum Wage      48.3% yes  48.1% no

C  Medical Marijuana  34.8% yes  60.8% no

D  Fuel Tax Increase  46.2% yes  50.5% no

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