CHS Basketball Looks Sharp In Jamboree

The Chillicothe Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball teams looked sharp in their pre-season jamboree Friday Night. Teams from Mexico and Brookfield came to Chillicothe for the event. Each girls and boys teams had two scrimmages against the other two teams.
Scrimmages were three quarters of six minutes each. The score and fouls were cleared after each quarter.
All the players from Chillicothe’s teams made the most of their playing time. Frequent substitutions made for fresh players and different on-court situations.
Quarter by quarter scores for the Lady Hornets against Mexico were 12-0 Chillicothe, 10-6 Chillicothe and 10-5 Mexico.
Against Brookfield the Lady Hornets led 15-6 after the first quarter, led easily in the second and led 8-7 in the third.
For the Hornet Boys against Mexico led the first quarter 12-7, led the second quarter 13-5 and led the third quarter 11-0.
Against Brookfield the Hornets led 10-7,18-6 and Brookfield led the final quarter 14-16.
Both Chillicothe Coaches were pleased with how the teams looked in the Jamboree.

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