Thanksgiving – Should The Stuffing Be In The Bird Or In A Separate Pan

The Thanksgiving debate over stuffing has two sides… In the bird or in a separate pan.  Mary Allice Coffey from the Butterball Turkey Talk Line says either way is acceptable, but temperature is the key.

Because most stuffing has eggs or some type of egg product to help bind the stuffing, it must be fully cooked.  Coffey has advice for those that stuff the bird.

Temperature is the only safe indicator of doneness for the turkey or stuffing.  Make sure you have an accurate meat thermometer.

When cooking the Turkey, Coffey says check the temperature in a couple places.

Now remember, if you are thawing the turkey for Thanksgiving, depending on the size, you may want to take it out of the freezer this weekend, and Monday at the latest.  Put the turkey in the refrigerator, in a pan and let it thaw slowly over a few days.

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