Salaries For Chillicothe Elected Officials Discussed

The salaries for the Chillicothe Elected Officials were discussed by the Chillicothe City Council at their meeting Thursday.  The council felt no increase was needed for the per meeting pay for the council members, recommending that remain at $85 per meeting

Councilman Tom Douglas recommended increasing the pay for the Mayor or at least increasing the per meeting pay from $75 to $85.

Douglas also recommended the salaries for the Auditor and Clerk be increased equal to the employee increases over the past two years.  The current salary for Clerk and Auditor is $52,773, plus $75 per meeting.  The employees have received 2% each of the past two years.  The increases would bring that to $54,905 per year.

The decision on the salaries could be made at the next council meeting, scheduled for December 10th.

If approved, the increases would not go into effect until after the April Election.

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