Stolen Smoker And Assault Investigated By Deputies

Assault and theft of a smoker were investigated by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department.  Sheriff Steve Cox says deputies responded to Utica where an alleged an estranged family member from another county, arrived at the home in Utica, assaulted a juvenile and young adult, unplugged an electric smoker and removed the partially smoked ham then loaded the smoker in the back of a vehicle and quickly fled the scene with a juvenile in the vehicle.

Cox says the alleged suspect came to his office, but after briefly speaking with the sheriff, he left the office.

Cox says a short time later another estranged relative who also resides in another county allegedly made a threatening call to the victims indicating that he was travelling to their home.

Cox says he was in Utica and witnessed that person driving in an extremely carless and imprudent manner through Utica and was stopped before he could get to the reported victim’s home. Cox says that driver was extremely uncooperative, insulting, attempting to provoke the sheriff and was cited for alleged Careless and Imprudent driving and was requested to leave the area.

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