Chillicothe Police Report

The Chillicothe Police Department had a busy day Tuesday, with numerous calls for service.  Some of the calls include:

1:34 am, Officers located an open door on a building in the 1200 block of Fair St.

10:04am, Officer received a report of a possible peace disturbance and trespassing in the 600 block of First Street on November 30th.  A subject was identified and investigation is continuing.

2:23pm, Officer spoke with individual who is afraid she may have given information over the phone, that she shouldn’t have.  advised to never give information of that nature over the phone and to monitor her accounts for unauthorized activity.

2:39pm, Officer reacted as back-up for another agency at Mitchell Road and 36 Highway.

3:17pm, School Resource Officer performed a vehicle stop for Careless and Imprudent driving at State and Polk Streets. and requested another officer as back-up. Situation handled by Officer.

6:01pm, Parking complaint from the 10 block of Jackson.  property owner advised of solution.

9:29pm, Report of possible animal neglect in 200 block of Williams Street. Animal control was contacted.

10:40pm, Check well-being in 1100 block of Grandview St.  subject went voluntarily for medical assistance.

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