Chillicothe R-II School’s Beacon and Teacher Of The Year To Be Announced Friday

The Chillicothe R-II School Districts 2018 Beacon Awards and Teacher of the Year winners will be announced Friday afternoon.  The finalists for each of the school buildings were selected earlier in the year through nominations by their peers at each building.  The awards will be presented Friday at 2 pm.

Teacher of the Year Nominees

This year’s finalists for Teacher of the Year include:
At the Chillicothe Elementary School and Chillicothe Early Learning Center – Title 1 Reading Teacher – Shelly Falconer

Dewey School – 4th Grade Teacher Andrea Beck

Field School – 2nd Grade Teacher Heather McGraw

Middle School – Librarian Laurinda Davison

High School & TLC – Science Teacher Stacy Surber

Grand River Tech – Vocational Business Education – Susan Mayers


The Beacon Award finalist include:

Beacon Nominees

Chillicothe Elementary School and Chillicothe Early Learning Center – Paraprofessional Cindy Glidewell

Dewey School – Paraprofessional Cinda Maasdam

Field School – Paraprofessional Amanda Hall

Middle School – Secretary Jeanette Johnson

High School & TLC – Paraprofessional Drebra Shafer

Grand River Tech – Teacher’s Aide Justin Alexander

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