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Sheriff’s Office Tour Becomes Interactive

A group of Boy Scouts had an opportunity to watch the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department in action when they were at the Sheriff’s office for a tour.  Sheriff Steve Cox says on December 3rd they were preparing for an interactive presentation to a group of Boy Scouts.  Very shortly before they began, the scouts arrived and in came a very angry man who was yelling at the deputy.

The report states the man would not calm down and he was yelling about having been at the police department and was yelling about wanting a form.  Cox says the man was asked to leave the building, and he was escorted out and told he had to leave or would be arrested for trespassing.

Cox says this man chose to turn around and faced the deputy saying he would not leave, so has he was arrested, he allegedly resisted arrest and was placed on the ground and handcuffed.

During all of this the deputy communicated with the audience and was even complimented for the manner the issue was handled.

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