Drug Arrest Part Of Chillicothe Police Report

A Drug arrest and several other investigations are in the Chillicothe Police Department report for Thursday.

12:00 am, Officers responded to the 200 block of Cowgill Street for a domestic disturbance.  The incident was verbal and no arrests were made.

12:45 am, Officers were called to the 1400 block of Fair St. on a report of someone knocking on the door of a home.  The person was contacted and told the resident wanted no further contact.

2:40 am, There was a report of suspicious activity at a business near Green and Washington.  The officers found the owner unloading items.

1:40 pm, an officer assisted Children’s Division with report of possible abuse.  unfounded.

2:20 pm, Theft from business was reported in the 400 block of Locust St.  Information will be turned over to Juvenile authority.

6:00 pm, Officers investigated a dog complaint from the 1700 block of Third Street. Dog bit a person and attacked another dog.

6:40 pm, Officers responded to a minor backing accident in the 800 block of Sunset.  It was handled between parties.

7:50 pm, Officers performed a special assignment for a family in the 800 block of Calhoun St.

9:40 pm, Officers took a report of civil property dispute in 1700 block of Hickory Drive.  One party was uncomfortable with giving property at this time of night.  The other party advised to make different arrangements.

10:35pm, Officers executed a search warrant in the 800 block of Sunset St.  Suspects were identified, a controlled substance and paraphernalia were seized.  The suspects were processed and released with court dates and information will be sent to prosecutor for filing of charges.

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