Improves To Fountain Grove To Begin

Upgrades to the Fountain Grove Pump Station and Drainage System begins early next year.  The Missouri Conservation Commission approved a $8.3 million dollar contract with Lehman Construction, LLC of California, Missouri for the project that includes the installation of three electric pumps pulling water from the Grand River, replacing a current single diesel pump.    The change is expected to increase the volume of water pumped and allows for more variance in flows according to weather and waterfowl needs on the 7900 acre conservation area.
The plan calls for pumping only if the flow in the Grand River is sufficient, so pumping does not affect the river’s ecology or agriculture uses.
The new drainage structure for the west side wetland complex will allow water to be pulled from various wetland pools as needed and leave levels up in other pools, in place of the current system where all west side pools must be drained at the same time.
The contract calls for all of the work to be completed by August of 2020.

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