Trash Fire On Porch Of Home

Chillicothe fire fighters responded to a report of a trash fire on the porch of a home in the 300 block of Wilson Street Wednesday evening.  The call came in about 7:00 pm and the fire crew arrived on the scene in five minutes to find a pile of trash had been burning in the middle of the back porch, but the trash was just smoldering at that time.  The fire crew finished extinguishing the fire.

The report states one of the children in the home put a notebook in the oven to dry it.  The notebook caught on fire and they threw it in the trash.  A short time later the trash started to burn.  The child’s father dumped the trash out and put out the fire.  They also state a sweatshirt had caught on fire and melted to the wall.

The fire crew was on the scene for about nine minutes.

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