Chillicothe Police Report Includes Sexual Assault Investigation

The Chillicothe Police Department report for Wednesday includes a sexual assault investigation, domestic assault and a parking complaint.

Just after midnight, officers found a vehicle parked at the high school.  The occupants were told to leave.

About 12:40 pm, officers received a call about a possible scam.

1:25 pm, Officers responded to the 1700 block of Clay Street on a report of a domestic assault in progress.  The officers arrived and contacted both parties.  They stated there was no physical violence, just arguing.  The Officers investigation revealed there was a verbal argument and no sign of physical violence.  No arrests were made.

6:45 pm, Spoke with someone about threats to harm their son.

8:40 pm, there was a parking complaint in the 300 block of Webster.

8:45 pm, There was a call from someone reporting a sexual assault.  The investigation determined the report was unfounded.

9:00 pm an assault was reported in the 10 block of John F. Kennedy.  They did not want to seek charges.

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