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Filing For April Election Closes January 15th

Filing for the April Municipal and School Board elections remains open until January 15th. There are several races already developing for the election that will be held April 2nd.

The Livingston County communities that are accepting filings for the election include:

The City of Chillicothe, City of Chula, Town of Ludlow, City of Wheeling and Village of Utica.

All of the area school districts are accepting filings for school board openings.

Other elections include:
Livingston County Water Districts and the Linn/Livingston Water District #3.

Nursing Home Board, Ambulance District, Health Center Board, Green, Mooresville, Hale and Grundy Co Fire Districts, All of the Township Boards and there will be referendums on the ballot for the Road Levies for Blue Mound, Jackson, Medicine and Rich Hill Townships.

If you interested in running for one of the elected offices, but are unsure where you need to file, call the County Clerk’s office.  In Livingston County, call 646-8000, extension 3.

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